Founded in 2019, Synthetica aims to reshape the maritime sector using tailored Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. With a combination of deep technical and commercial expertise, the goal was simple – harness AI to make maritime more efficient.

The name "Synthetica", taken from the Greek word "synthesis", underlines our approach: turn vast data into actionable insights. Committed to democratising AI, we have built an AI/ML ecosystem tailored to our clients' needs. Our robust platform, infused with analytics, is designed to boost productivity while optimising costs. We believe in collaboration, tailoring every maritime software solution to address specific business needs. Hand in hand with our partners, we steer towards a brighter maritime future.

In 2023, Qualco Group became a shareholder of Synthetica. With the Group's guidance and global reach, we have enhanced our capability to bring groundbreaking, scalable, AI-powered solutions to the international market. By combining our advanced technologies and expertise, we consistently strive to transform the maritime industry and benefit our clients significantly. Operating under the umbrella of Qualco Group, Synthetica stands tall as a maritime leader, while our advanced tools position us at the forefront of the "Industry 4.0" revolution.

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Our team consists of experienced engineers and developers with unparalleled expertise in data science, allowing them to deliver complex projects. Our talented pool includes Data Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Physicists, and Maritime experts, collaborating closely with the Software Engineering and Management team to craft user-centric, valuable solutions.

At Synthetica, we work constantly to ensure that we remain at the forefront of all relevant technological advancements to provide our customers with products that utilise the best this technology offers. To achieve this, we are dedicating significant resources to our people's continuous training and development while constantly seeking to attract new talent.

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