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We create solutions tailored to your unique needs, and by focusing on efficiency, we transform complexities into straightforward processes. Our offerings integrate smoothly into existing infrastructures, enhancing workflows and operations. Indicative custom tools are:

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Explore some indicative tailor-made solutions:

Cost Management Tool

A tool that simplifies cost and project management during dry docking. It tracks expenses, automatically stores certificates with authorities, and generates comprehensive final reports. Vessel superintendents can access real-time updates, progress logs, and multimedia uploads on desktop and mobile, while data is securely cloud-stored for easy maintenance.

Crew Change Plan

The tool efficiently manages vessel crews with a dashboard that tracks qualifications and training while ensuring seamless rotations and policy adherence. The built-in decision-making modules streamline operations, making it the go-to solution for maritime crew management.

Maintenance Scheduler

A platform that allows the effortless scheduling of inspections and maintenance for the maritime sector. Shipowners and fleet managers can schedule and plan inspections, ensuring alignment with industry standards. User-friendly functionalities aid execution and post-review, offering a complete maritime maintenance solution.

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