The GAMBAS project, an R&D initiative focusing on harnessing the capabilities of the GALILEO satellite system to improve maritime safety and security, has reached a successful conclusion.  Synthetica is honoured to have collaborated with the esteemed members comprising the GAMBAS consortium, including Thales Alenia Space, Thales Hellas, Eca Group and Pildo Labs.

A brief overview of GAMBAS

The GAMBAS project, short for "Galileo Advanced Features for Maritime domain: Breakthrough Applications for Safety and Security," was initiated under the Horizon 2020 program, supported by the European Union's Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA). At its core, GAMBAS aimed to harness the advanced capabilities of the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to enhance safety and security at sea.

The project identified key challenges such as piracy, illegal activities, and weather emergencies affecting maritime routes and sought innovative solutions to mitigate these risks. By integrating Galileo's unique features, GAMBAS aimed to improve resilience against natural and human-induced emergencies.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Safety

Numerous innovative solutions were developed throughout the project to address maritime safety and security challenges. In particular, we introduced:

  • A new distress SSAS (Ship Security Alert System) beacon, leveraging Galileo's Return Link Services (RLS) for optimised distress signalling in discreet contexts.
  • Comprehensive tools for rescue operators, considering operational and regulatory constraints to streamline Galileo services utilisation without unnecessary complexity.
  • Seamless integration of Galileo’s features intro existing frameworks and devices to promote widespread adoption and support for future maritime standards.

Successful Demonstrations Validate Effectiveness

The effectiveness of GAMBAS solutions was validated through three successful demonstration campaigns conducted in strategic maritime regions, including the East Mediterranean Sea, the West Mediterranean Sea, and the Gulf of Guinea. These demonstrations showcased the operational effectiveness of GAMBAS solutions, with positive feedback from operators validating the project's concepts and performance. The outcome emerged as a robust emergency warning system, highlighting the potential of advanced technology to address complex challenges and safeguard critical maritime routes.

Synthetica's Integral Contribution

As the consortium's exclusive AI/ML partner, Synthetica was pivotal in developing and implementing innovative solutions within the project. Our commitment to meaningful innovation and industry collaboration has been instrumental in driving the project towards its successful completion.

Moving forward, Synthetica remains dedicated to advancing maritime safety and security through technology-driven solutions. We will continue to leverage our expertise to address evolving challenges and contribute to a safer maritime environment for all.

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