We are pleased to announce our participation in the GAMBAS project, an esteemed technological initiative under the Horizon 2020 banner, the E.U.'s research and innovation 2014-2020 funding program. This involvement exemplifies our commitment to meaningful innovation that empowers the transformation of the maritime industry.

A Quick Dive into GAMBAS

GAMBAS stands for "Galileo Advanced Features for Maritime domain: Breakthrough Applications for Safety and Security." The E.U.'s Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) has financially supported the initiative as part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, based on Grant Agreement No. 101004292. At its core, it seeks to fully utilise the Galileo GNSS system's advanced capabilities, a modern navigation technology marvel. We strongly believe that GAMBAS has the power to bring tremendous benefit to the maritime domain, a significant vector for commercial exchanges throughout history.

"Safeguarding maritime pathways is extremely important. We are committed to meaningful innovation that transforms and uplifts industries," said Damianos Oikonomides, Synthetica's CEO

The project's primary focus is on enhancing maritime safety. This encompasses significant challenges like piracy, weather-related emergencies, and detecting illegal activities. The aim is to deploy Galileo's unique features in the maritime domain and improve security and resilience against human-induced and natural emergencies. The main goals behind GAMBAS are the following:

  • Develop and promote a new generation anti-piracy distress SSAS beacon. This will rely heavily on SAR/Galileo's innovative capabilities.
  • Create a software tool for Maritime SAR Forces. This tool aims to bolster coordination during maritime emergencies by integrating Galileo's messaging features, including Emergency Warning services and Return-Link services.
  • Modernise the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). Galileo's functionalities will be implemented to upgrade vessel equipment. The goal is to ensure the robustness and reliability of GNSS-based positioning.

Our Role and Contribution

In collaboration with esteemed partners, including Thales S.A Group, ECA, and Pildo Labs, Synthetica has been entrusted as the consortium's exclusive AI/ML partner. Beyond this expertise, we will also act as a bridge, connecting the project team with the maritime industry and ensuring the solutions developed are tailored to the industry's evolving needs.

Our participation in the GAMBAS project underscores our strong commitment to the critical mission of safeguarding maritime routes. We leverage innovative technology to revolutionise and enhance maritime security, positioning ourselves at the forefront of this crucial industry evolution.

Stay tuned for updates, insights, and breakthroughs as we work towards a safer maritime horizon!